8 Sep 2020

Taking part in the Big Brum BioBlitz with iNaturalist

Interested in discovering the nature around you? .
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25 Aug 2020

Volunteer Views: Digital Encounters During Lockdown

For many of us, lockdown has been a time of digital discovery, and volunteers on the Artist Research Team have been online too investigating the personalities behind works in Birmingham’s collection.
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19 Aug 2020

Crazy Coots!

I sat by the pond today and watched as three coot juveniles were feeding.
12 Aug 2020

My Big Brum BioBlitz

It has been an interest of mine for many years to record our local wildlife and having lived round Birmingham for most of my life I have found some of the best places to do it.
7 Aug 2020

Orange is in Season

"Orange is in Season" is one of the projects run on the Don’t Settle programme.
30 Jul 2020

Our Top Wildlife Identification Websites

Are you looking for help to identify your discoveries in the Big Brum BioBlitz? .
28 Jul 2020

Lockdown Conversations

For the last ten weeks, we’ve been asking people living or working in Birmingham to share their experiences of Life on Lockdown with us, through photos, videos, artworks, poems or writing.
27 Jul 2020

Why I'm a Patron of Birmingham Museums Trust

Like many, my earliest memory of visiting Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, was as a school child.
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21 Jul 2020

What to look for now: Flying Ant day

Love it or loath it, It is impossible to ignore the fascinating spectacle of ants teeming out onto our urban pavements and garden’s and taking to the sky’s.
17 Jul 2020

Guest writer: Yugesh Walia, Producer/Director

It’s funny how something you created at the start of your career, something you thought was long forgotten suddenly finds a new lease of life! That’s what’s happened to my first documentary, African Oasis, made in 1982.