World class museum in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

Anglo-Saxon Gold

Discover the story of the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found. Visitors can learn more about this incredible treasure, from its Anglo-Saxon warrior history, to the conservation techniques used to unlock its secrets today.

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As seen on TV

As seen on BBC4's Britain's Lost Masterpieces with Dr Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri, we are displaying two landscapes restored by Simon Gillespie.

Visit galleries 23 and 24 to see the newly attributed work by Jan Breughel the Elder and a landscape previously thought to be made by Thomas Gainsborough. 

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The collection is one of the city’s greatest cultural assets and a priceless resource for learning, engagement and creativity. 

Most areas of the collection are Designated as being of national importance.

Art Gallery

Birmingham Museums Trust holds the most important collection of Pre-Raphaelite art anywhere in the world, numbering over 3000 paintings, drawings, prints and examples of decorative art and design. The Pre-Raphaelite galleries bring together highlights from this extraordinary collection to tell the story of the Brotherhood, and their revolutionary contribution to British art.

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Ancient World

The Ancient Egypt Gallery features artefacts from over 3000 years of Egyptian life, culture and religious belief- from the Predynastic period 4500-3000 BC through to the major pharaonic periods of Egyptian civilisation and into the Christian and Coptic era (around 200 AD). It includes pottery and items from daily life as well as Egyptian gods, amulets and mummies which illustrate attitudes to death and the afterlife. 

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History Gallery

Explore the fascinating history of the city by travelling back in time to Birmingham’s medieval beginnings. Visit the chaotic and exciting world of the 18th century town, and immerse yourself in the grandeur and squalor of Victorian Birmingham. Follow the city’s suburban expansion and the roles played by Birmingham people in the two world wars.  

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Children's Gallery

The Mini Museum introduces little visitors to Birmingham's amazing art and natural history collections.  Filled with storybooks, games and dressing up, this gallery is specifically designed for under 5s.

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Also featuring

Contemporary & Modern Art

Explore our modern and contemporary art collections, particularly British art, abstract painting and printmaking.

Greek and Roman Gallery

See art and objects spanning seven centuries of European and World history and culture, including Ancient Greeks & Romans.

The Sultanganj Buddha 

The 7th century Buddha was discovered in Bihar in 1861. The 2 metre tall Buddha is unique and was one of the first objects given to the Museum.

Art Gallery

The Birmingham School of Art gallery offers an opportunity to discover the vibrant, progressive work produced in the city at the turn of the 19th century by artists including the tempera painter Joseph Southall, painter and metalworker Arthur Gaskin, and women artists and makers including Georgie Gaskin and Kate Bunce.

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Art Gallery

Discover Birmingham’s magnificent collection of Baroque art. Dramatic artistic styles appeared in 17th Century Europe against a backdrop of religious, political and cultural change. Exciting subjects like still-life, landscape and portraiture all developed during this period and an emerging middle-class created an entirely different market for painting.

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Discover the many faiths that make up Birmingham’s rich and diverse community and explore how different faiths have influenced and shaped the city. Uncover sacred objects used in religious practice and explore the role of faith in places of worship at home, and within our journey through life.

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Birmingham's art gallery is one of those hidden treasures waiting for you to discover.
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