Virtual Tour

Take a tour inside Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

You can now look inside Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery without having to be there. Filmed in summer 2019, these four tours show you all the art and history galleries.

View on our website, or follow the links provided. 

The Round Room, Industrial Gallery and Edwardian Tearooms

You will begin in the iconic Round Room, where visitors arrive having walked up from the main entrance. 

These areas of the museum and art gallery date to 1885 when the building opened.

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Art Galleries

Staying on the same floor, you are now in the extension, opened in 1919. Take a walk through 700 years of art, as the galleries take you from the 14th to 20th century.

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Staffordshire Hoard Gallery

The Staffordshire Hoard gallery tells the story of the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found.

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History Galleries

Take a walk through Birmingham History in the 'Birmingham: its people, its history' gallery, which covers the majority of the 3rd floor. 

You can also see art and objects spanning seven centuries of European and World history and culture. This includes the Greeks & Romans and Ancient Egypt galleries.

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The virtual tours were produced in partnership with Birmingham based reality capture company Scan Tech Digital.