Facilities & Accessibility


  • Bike racks within Chamberlain Square
  • Shop
  • Edwardian Tearooms
  • Baby changing

The lockers are unavailble for use at this time.

Access Information

The Museum

The Museum and Art Gallery is fully accessible for visitors with mobility difficulties. Lift Entrance to the Museum is through the Gas Hall Entrance on Edmund Street.

Guide and Assistance dogs are very welcome within the Museum and Art Gallery.  Drinking bowls are available free of charge from the Edwardian Tearooms.


Birmingham City Council offers dedicated fee parking spaces to blue badge holders on Margaret Street. Please view the Birmingham City Council website for more information on Parking for Blue Badge Holders.


There are accessible toilets on all levels of the Museum and Gallery. They can be found in the following places:

  • Gas Hall
  • Waterhall
  • Round Room
  • Near the start of the Birmingham History Galleries


There are seating areas in all gallery spaces, on each floor of the museum. Due to social distancing, there will be less seating spaces than usual. Please give priority to those that need it most. If you require seating and none is available, please speak to a member of staff.

Social Stories

Social Stories are guides which aim to prepare individuals with autism for social situations by letting them know what to expect. You can download the Social Story for a visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

We also have Social Stories available for our other venues on each of their websites.