An open invitation to witness an artist's practice as she crafts her work. Ashlee E L Roberts is a writer, broadcaster and an alumni member of Birmingham Repertory Theatre's 'Write Away' playwriting group. Ashlee will be in residence at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery throughout May and June in partnership with the Slanguages project, building on the work she began at The REP.

Join Ashlee in The Past Is Now exhibition gallery, as she crafts the script for her upcoming play, Between Two Rocks. This unique opportunity will allow visitors to witness the writing process, as Ashlee works on her script supported by a director in the space. You may ask questions about the work she is creating and Ashlee may share some of it with you, as and when she feels fit to respond in the room.

On June 2nd in The Past is Now gallery, there will be a performance sharing of Between Two Rocks followed by a Q&A panel in partnership with Slanguages project.

On the 24th May, you can also come to The Past Is Now (in Patois and poetry) to witness Ashlee write poems in response to the exhibition.

About Ashlee's play

Between Two Rocks

Leila, a young writer, wants to immortalise her Grandmother’s life in a play. As she delves deeper into her past, her eyes are opened to the triumphs and tribulations faced upon settling in England. Together, their journey unearths time-transcendent truths of what it means to be a black female in our world today. Simultaneously, Leila’s internal battle of merging culture, faith and sexuality is revealed. Is it possible for her to honour all three of these conflicting aspects of her life?