Oil and Water: Vessels explores, observes and interrogates objects and the body in ritual.

Join performance artist Demi Nandhra, creator of Oil and Water, and visual artist Zed Lightheart for a talk on their artistic collaboration, ritual vessels and processes. This is taking place in the Faith Gallery.

About Demi Nandhra

"I make work for liberation; for myself and others to feel at home in our body in any context".

Demi Nandhra is an interdisciplinary artist from Birmingham who makes solo performance, live art, theatre and sociopolitical enquiries. Her work explores Mental Health through examining collective sadness, vulnerability and cultural binaries. Her work is performed in theatres, galleries and beds.

Twitter: @deminandhra

About Zed Lightheart

"As a maker of ceramics that have the potential to last for thousands of years, I am acutely aware of my responsibility to only produce work that adds to the beauty of the world. I am strict about what I make and only create work that I am proud to think will have such a lifespan. To make ceramics, I have to explore, and negotiate with, the five elements; earth, water, metal, air and fire. I aim to be careful with the resources I use, and respectful of the materials involved in making my work".

Instagram: @zedlightheart