This exhibition explores the heritage and history of the lives and contributions young Asian people have made across three distinct periods: the 1950s-60s, 1970s-1990s, and 2000 to the present day.

Asian Youth have played a huge role in shaping the social, cultural and political life of Birmingham and wider Britain.

Discover objects, stories and lived experiences from South Asian people growing up in Birmingham in an exhibition covering arts and culture, sport, politics, community archives, diversity and divergence.

The exhibition showcases and celebrates the untold stories of Asian Youth Culture in the city, including archive film, photographs, oral histories, original TV sets, records and scripts.

The project hopes to shed light on the journey of Asian youth, looking at what Asian youth are doing now and why, and pointing to the unique yet everyday stories that lie behind those faces and features, colours and sounds, to arrive at actual experiences, motivations and their and everyone’s humanity.

For more information on the project, see the Asian Youth Culture project website.