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This month, you can enjoy:

Lecture 1 – Making your fortune in 18th and 19th Century Birmingham

Birmingham grew from a market town in the twelfth century into ‘A city of a thousand trades’, due to rapid industrialisation and urban growth in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jane Hornby explores how the city’s economy became based on the production of pens, buckles, jewellery, buttons, papier-mâché and many other commodities. A steady influx of migrants into Birmingham came looking for work in the town and anyone was free to start up a trade and find their fortune.

Lecture 2 – Determining the Life Expectancy of the William Morris Tapestries

Birmingham Museums Trust holds an almost complete set of Holy Grail Tapestries, designed by Edward Burne-Jones and made by William Morris and Co.

The tapestries were last displayed in 2005 and are not likely to be seen again until the mid-2020’s. Why not? Jane Thompson Webb will explain! We look at the damage that light can cause to the tapestries and how we know that this is a problem for these objects. At the end, you’ll understand why some galleries have very dim lighting. It should also give you some hints on how to care for your own textiles.

Jane Thompson-Webb is Collections Conservation Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust.

Focus talk 1 – William De Morgan

Jane Hornby take a closer look at some of the works by William de Morgan, including tiles, jars and sketches from the collection held at Birmingham Museums

Focus talk 2 – Joseph Southall

Rachael Saice introduces some of the wonderful work by Birmingham artist Joseph Southall, and the techniques and the fascinating stories behind the paintings.

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