Birmingham Museums On Demand gives you access to exclusive* digital content created by our in-house experts. Each monthly pass contains links to lectures and focus talks that have been developed for this new digital package.

March's monthly pass includes:

  • Two one-hour lectures
  • Two focus talks

Once you have purchased your chosen month’s package, you will be sent a confirmation email with the links to access the content. You can enjoy this content from the day of purchase until 4th April 2021.

This month, you can enjoy:

Lecture 1 – The Art of the Baroque, Northern Europe

This lecture focuses on Birmingham Museum’s magnificent collection of Baroque art and focuses on 17th century Northern Europe. The work of artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, Claude Lorrain and Willem van de Velde will be included in the lecture.

Lecture 2 - The War of the Three Kingdoms: an overview to civil war in the British Isles (1630-1660)

Civil wars are violent, transformative, shocking events which ripple through a nation and its people. In the 1630s the first stirrings of war rang out in Scotland but quickly spread through Ireland, England and Wales in a series of conflicts which brought death and destruction to a largely peaceful populace. In this lecture, Rik Sowden will explore some of the origins and reasons for the conflict in Britain, focusing particularly on the first English Civil War (1642-1646) but looking beyond that it.

Focus talk 1 - Railway Journeys in Art

Jane Hornby takes a closer look at Railway Journeys in Art. Jane will discuss three amazing paintings that hang in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery by artists Augustus Leopold Egg, David Cox and Charles Rossiter.

Focus talk 2 - Beasts at Aston Hall

Rik Sowden takes a look at the myriad of animals in the architecture at Aston Hall, including those in family crests, paintings, carvings, fireplaces and more.

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*Lectures have previously been available for purchase