Join us for our annual Buddha Day Celebrations.

Every year since 2004 there has been a celebration of Buddha Day in front of the Museum’s Sultanganj Buddha. It was initiated by the Museum jointly with the West Midlands Buddhist Council and has involved many of Birmingham’s different Buddhist groups. These follow traditions deriving from Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Tibet, Japan and Vietnam.

The procession will start in the Round Room at 12.30 and make its way to the Faith in Birmingham Gallery.  The format of the day always includes presentation of flowers and traditional chanting in a variety of languages (including English) according to the national styles of the monks and laypeople taking part in the ceremony.

The Buddha was born on the border between what are now the countries of India and Nepal some 26 centuries ago. Buddhists reckon their years from the death of the Buddha and what we call 2018 is the year 2562 by their reckoning. The celebration falls at the full moon of May and it is the Buddha’s birth, (and by some his enlightenment and death) that is commemorated on that day. For practical purposes, the nearest Saturday is chosen for this event in Birmingham.

All are welcome at this unique and moving event.