A Journey Worth 70 Years explores the stories of the British Pakistani diaspora. Join us for a very special film screening, run in partnership with the British Council in Pakistan.

The film deals with opinions pertaining to ethnic identities, internalisation of conflicts arising from immigration down the generations, struggles of integration for these immigrants in the British society and the modern British Pakistani identity. Tracing the journeys of three Pakistan-heritage families, who are now based in the UK, the film invites these families to reflect on the lives they have left behind, their changing relationship with both the UK and Pakistan and how their experiences are absorbed and interpreted by the next generation of British Pakistanis.

The documentary starts a conversation on identity, culture and community and strikes a chord with first, second and third generation immigrants. It was commissioned as part of a research project on identity and conflict and was produced by SOC Films who are led by Oscar / Emmy winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as we marked 70 years of Pakistan and 70 years of the British Council it Pakistan.

There will be a pre-screening reception and post-screening discussion on the documentary and its key themes, followed by a short tour, as below:

2:30 Welcome and refreshments

3:00 Screening and discussion - Panel discussion with Salma Zulfiqar, Fahim Qureshi, Sam Heath (Head of Communications for the BHC in Pakistan) and Rajinder Dudrah

4:20 Asian Youth Culture Exhibition tour

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Takes place in the Waterhall at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery .