In this new outdoor exhibition, artist, writer and philosopher Mustafa Zaman presents images and texts exploring his theories about the body, trauma, history, and politics in Bangladesh and the wider world. 

Born in 1968, Zaman is a significant part of the growing contemporary art world in Dhaka and is editor of ‘Depart’, a Bangladeshi art magazine.

The conceptual images presented in ‘Lost Memory Eternalised’ were developed following a chance encounter when the artist discovered ants in his honey. The historic images overlaid with a torrent of drowned ants create haunting visuals to make us think about the impact of politics and history upon us as individuals. Zaman’s conceptual images are accompanied by his poetic essays, which further explore the themes depicted in his work.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Birmingham Museums Trust and Dhaka-based Bengal Foundation, a leading Bangladeshi arts charity. It is part of a shared artistic programme that marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence and is funded by the British Council Arts. The original development of and collaboration for this exhibition was made possible through Transforming Narratives (TN), a ground-breaking programme to support exchanging contemporary narratives between creative and cultural practitioners and organisations in Birmingham, Pakistan and Bangladesh. TN is supported by Arts Council England and delivered in association with The British Council.

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