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Mixed Milk (aka Martin McNally) is a filmmaker, animator and artist based in Birmingham. This new piece crops details from photography of the city’s collection of art and objects and re-sequences them. By binding them together by their commonalities, he creates a film that seems to turn the museum collection into an evolving natural phenomenon. 

Mixed Milk on Excerpt:

“An excerpt, otherwise known as a passage or extract, is a chosen point in a narrative, it's where we place our attention. Engaging with an artwork is a way of opening a portal to a different time and space, the shape and colour of our engagement depends on our personal experience and cultural influences, we all engage differently with an artwork or artefact.

This artwork crops details found within the collection, re-sequences them, and binds them by their commonalities, hopefully encouraging the viewer to become aware of the intimate connections we all share, even if on the surface there's no clear connection, we are relentlessly interrelated.”

Follow the artist @mixed_milk on instagram and @mjsmcnally on twitter.

Excerpt was produced as part of Cut, Copy, Remix, a project in association with Black Hole Club exploring the creative potential of Birmingham Museums Trust’s Digital Image resource.

On display in gallery 21.

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