Join us for an event to celebrate Black History Month featuring storytelling, poetry and music celebrating and exploring the experiences and resilience of African people as they have journeyed to the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

One One Coco Full Basket is a Caribbean proverb that translates as 'One by one coco fills the basket'.

It reminds us that us that the path to success or dealing with adversity is a step by step process, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

The meaning and images evoked by the proverb have inspired us to come together to remember the long and arduous journeys that African people have endured as they were forced into slavery. 

We also celebrate the strength and tenacity that they and their descendants in the Caribbean and in the UK have developed to support their own wellbeing and overcome the trauma and oppression they have experienced.



Cora Brotherson as Aunt Harriot

Spoken Word Artists

Ms P and Denniston Stewart

Musical Performances

With Kora player Moussa Kouyate and Drummer Nicky Reid

Photographic Exhibition

Celebrating Wellbeing 

This event is free, first come first serve with limited seating and takes place in the Faith in Birmingham Gallery. 

This event is presented in partnership with Black and Gold, Wellbeing 24/7 and The Red Earth Collective.