When people living in medieval Europe became sick or were hurt who could they turn to, and what was the treatment based on? Physician, apothecary, surgeon, barber, blacksmith…the people who practiced medicine and the tools, techniques, learning, and understanding they employed varied enormously.

In this talk, Rik Sowden will introduce healthcare during the high medieval (1100-1500, or so) period, examine some of the different healthcare professionals (with particular focus on the physician and barber-surgeon) and show where you might find medical help in some unusual places! It will look at some of the key theories and examine some of the tools used, with reproduction items allowing for demonstrations of tools and techniques employed by physicians and barber-surgeons to promote health, happiness, and well-being.

Warning: there will be graphic descriptions and depictions of surgery and dentistry which may not be for the squeamish!

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