Civil wars are violent, transformative, shocking events which ripple through a nation and its people. In the 1630s the first stirrings of war rang out in Scotland but quickly spread through Ireland, England and Wales in a series of conflicts which brought death and destruction to a largely peaceful populace.

In this lecture, Rik Sowden will explore some of the origins and reasons for the conflict in Britain, focusing particularly on the first English Civil War (1642-1646), and looking beyond that.

It will describe warfare and the way in which armies were formed and fought, and will explore both the large, set-piece battles and the smaller skirmishes and sieges which characterised warfare in Britain during the middle of the seventeenth century.

Please note that whilst events in Ireland and the interregnum will be referenced the key focus will be on the first English Civil War and events up to the execution of King Charles I for tyranny!

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