During a war which affected everyone in both Britain and Ireland, and which spread across the world, the heaviest fighting and the heaviest load fell upon the ‘disputed’ land in the middle.

Birmingham, a firm centre of support for Parliament, and Coventry, famous as a place which captured Royalists were held, were surrounded by supporters for the King and dozens of garrisons were spread through what is now the West Midlands.

From the visit to Aston Hall by King Charles on his way to fight the battle of Edgehill (and the looting of his baggage train), to the Battle of Birmingham the following year, and to the siege of Aston Hall, Birmingham and its surroundings played an active and destructive part of the fighting.

In this lecture, Rik Sowden will focus on events and characters which impacted on Birmingham and its surroundings during a period whose shadow is cast long and whose echoes can be felt today.

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