Join us in the Within + Without: Body Image and the Self  exhibition for an informal conversation and discussion with Professor Heather Widdows.

Together we will explore the subject of body image, the rising demands of beauty, and the pressures to be 'perfect'. 

Heather Widdows is a professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. She is author of Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal , which has been described as a sequel to Naomi Wolf’s best-selling classic, The Beauty Myth, by The Atlantic, and a convincing argument that the pressures to appear thinner, younger and firmer are stronger than ever, by the New York Times.

 If you have ever felt the urge to "make the best of yourself" or worried that you were "letting yourself go," this book explains why.

Heather has written a number of popular media articles on body image, beauty and cosmetic surgery – links can be found on the University of Birmingham website here.