Be inspired by the artwork of Jez Dolan in this humorous and historical language session. Explore the lost language of the LGBT community as we teach you Polari – queer slang and phrases from yesteryear. Largely lost post partial decriminalisation in 1967, this fascinating language combines Romani, London slang, back slang, rhyming slang, sailor slang, and thieves' slang and much more. Rich and fruity phrases subvert standard language into hidden meaning, allowing people pre 1967 to speak openly at a time before LGBT + rights.

Polite Polari for everyday use is a fun, sometimes moving and fascinating look at language as seen through art, culture and history. Learn new phrases to drop into everyday conversation and chuckle your way through reading your friends and famous pieces of art. Learn the polite and not so polite versions of Polari with us in February as part of LGBT history month.

Hear about artist and expert Jez Dolan’s exploration of Polari and his piece “A Polari Etymolgy According to a Diagrammatic by Alfred H. Barr (1936) (2013)” live.

Relaxed atmosphere, all material provided and good company guaranteed.

“Charper for your dolly drag, nanti gelt needed and mince your plate to us for a fantabulosa day!” translation…..“Search for your best/nicest/prettiest clothes, no money needed and walk your feet to us for a wonderful day!”

On Saturday 3rd February, 1pm – 4pm. In the AV Room, Gas Hall, includes tea & coffee.

Free event.

Pre-booking recommended but spaces may be available on the day. To book please call 0121 348 8263.

Image: Polari - an Etymology According to a Diagrammatic by Alfred H. Barr (1936) – 2012, Jez Dolan © The artist.