Coming Out – Sexuality, Gender and Identity ” takes 1967 as a starting point to explore art since the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality in the UK. What did this mean at the time? How did this effect the lives of queer people? What if we could speak to someone who had experienced criminalisation pre 1967?

‘Postcards with a Purpose’ is a bold and moving project hosted by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in association with Birmingham LGBT. We are fortunate to be linked with members of the community that either remember a time before decriminalisation, or were directly affected by the legislation. On the postcards provided, you can anonymously ask questions, share comments or write a message to these individuals. Your comments will be forwarded on and recipients will be invited to anonymously reply. These replies will be shared in our learning space in an ongoing conversation, evolving and changing as more people take part.

Help us create a unique piece of social history and reach out to others sharing history, emotion and memory.

Free activity in the Gas Hall.

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