This tour has been CANCELLED. Sadly Charlie Fitz's current state of health means she will be unavailable to join us, instead focusing her energy on forthcoming treatment and recuperation. We are incredibly sad to cancel and we wish Charlie the very best in her recovery journey. We look forward to rebooking this event in the future.

Charlie Fitz (disability activist and academic) will be giving a live tour as the opening event of her ‘Sick Women’ online series of tours and discussions.

The tour will explore the exhibition Women Power Protest  focusing on how the pieces intersect with some of the issues faced by sick and/or disabled women.

The tour will focus on the use of art narrative as a political act. Unpicking how narratives are used to discredit and control oppressed peoples and how taking back these narratives is an act of resistance.

The tour aims to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by anyone who identifies as a sick and/or disabled woman. Beginning a debate into what these issues are and how they are often overlooked within mainstream feminism and activism. The tour will delve into some difficult topics as part of a meaningful discussion. You are invited to continue this discussion with Charlie in our learning space after the tour.

Please look at our accessibility guide for Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Get in touch if you have further questions about the accessibility of the venue.