Join Sonia Sabri Company for a free dance performance and take part in a free drop-in craft workshop.

Sonia Sabri Company is pleased to present “Mughal Miniatures Scene 1: The Awakening” as part of South Asian Heritage Month.

Dance performance

The performance centres around an assuming Classical dancer that is locked in a picture frame. She appears to be a pristine, virtuous princess of the Mughal court, adorned with the finest silks and jewels over her perfect figure for the world to adore, and just as society visualises her to be. Through her urge for self-discovery and to breakdown conventions of the woman she does the unimaginable...come along to see what happens!

Drop in and watch the free dance performances at 11.30am,1pm and 3pm.

Craft workshop

Join renowned Textile artist Jane Thakoordin to have fun creating your own wooden peg doll and dress them in the style of a character from a Mughal painting! 

The free craft sessions run 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm. Drop-in, no booking required. 

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