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Sterne's 'Sentimental Journey'

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Study for Yorick and La Fleur - Recto: An Old Woman, Wearing An Apron And A Hat, Stands In A Doorway, Her Right Elbow Leaning On The Door, Her Left Arm Holding Out A Trowel. On The Left A Man In Eighteenth Century Costume And Wig Stands In Profile To The Right. His Right Arm Is Raised And The Index Finger Rests On His Cheek. In His Left Hand He Holds Gloves And A Staff With His Three Cornered Hat Balanced On The End. On The Right Another Man, Facing Left, In Eighteenth-century Costume And Knee High Boots, Leans On The Wall With His Right Arm And Rubs His Eyes With His Left. Verso: Eight Sketches Of Figure Groups For 'the Body Of Harold Brought Before William The Conqueror.'

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