This exhibition is a photographic exploration of the Jewellery Quarter as it stands today. Like many areas of Birmingham, the area is undergoing rapid change and redevelopment.

In images taken over a two-year period, Tom Hicks has applied his direct style of urban photography to the area, focusing on surfaces, signs, buildings and the hidden details that are easy to overlook.

Hicks’ work often focuses on broken, abandoned and derelict locations. When exploring the Jewellery Quarter, he became fascinated by the fact it is often difficult to establish whether buildings are in still in use. It is a contradictory place; many seemingly empty buildings contain active businesses and beautiful craftsmanship is taking place behind anonymous doors and locked shutters.

With Jewellery Quarter Type, Hicks focuses on the less obvious sights and features of the area. In doing so, he is interested in capturing the hidden beauty and unique atmosphere of its densely packed streets. 

Free to view in our Gallery. Prints available to buy.