The Bakehouse at Sarehole Mill

The historic bakehouse at Sarehole Mill is currently undergoing restoration as part of an new and exciting project at Sarehole Mill. The project will see the existing bakehouse restored to its former glory and a new small, but perfectly formed, modern day bakery created in the neighbouring building.

The original breadoven in the bakehouse dates from the 1850s and is large enough to hold 60 loaves of bread but unfortunately it no longer works. As part of the restoration we plan to change that! The works needed in this space include repairs to the interior of the oven and the metal work to the front of the oven, repointing the brickwork, lime wash of the whole space and improvements in terms of fire safety. We also need to extend the chimney, install a new chimney flue and replace the tiles on the roof. To finish off there will be new interpretation to tell the story of the bakehouse to our lovely visitors.

Also as part of the exciting plans, the adjoining building will be restored and converted into a new modern day bakery with a fulltime Baker making fresh baked goods to sell to Sarehole’s visitors.

Visitors can find out more about this project and follow the restoration journey on Instagram @sareholebakehouse.