Telling the Tale of the Great Fire of London

Blakesley Hall

Book Session

Consider how the Great Fire of London spread through this interactive session.

Learn how the materials that the houses were made from and the style they were built in helped the fire to spread by seeing a timber house from the period first-hand.

Pupils will hear and interrogate an account from Samuel Pepys’ diary and consider the value of his eyewitness report. They will then act out a key part of his diary in our replica bedroom, consider how people reacted to the fire spreading and help the King to rebuild London.

(School visits to Blakesley Hall are available Tuesday - Friday.)

This session is available as a half-day or full day session:

  • Full-day - Cost: £375. Duration: 4 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.
  • Half-day - Cost: £240. Duration: 2 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.

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