Mini Lab


  • Capacity: 30
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Cost (per pupil): £9.00
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Encourage your class to experiment, question and test their ideas in our fantastic, new Mini Lab!

During this active, hands-on session, children lead their own journey of discovery to explore three exciting scientific zones: biology, physics and chemistry.

From discovering fossils, to exploring the science of light and dark, children will have the opportunity to use real scientific equipment to discover how the world works around them.

Which type of scientist will your students want to be?

Our Mini Lab session has been designed to follow the three stages of effective learning allowing each child to progress at their own stage of development: 

  1. ‘Play and explore’- children investigate the different scientific zones and ‘have a go’ with real scientific equipment.
  2. ‘Actively learn’- children complete scientific activities designed to encourage problem solving skills and resilience.
  3. ‘Create and think critically’- children apply their knowledge of the equipment to test new ideas and to create their own mini experiments.

This session is part of the MiniBrum experience to enhance STEM learning for EYFS and KS1. MiniBrum is a brand-new mini city where under 8s can explore the amazing world of science and engineering. Where will your MiniBrum adventure take you?

(Price includes £4.50 Thinktank entry charge.)

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