Chemistry Discovery Day, States of Matter


  • Capacity: 30 pupils
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See our amazing ‘magical’ experiments! In our accelerated day pupils will experiment with solids, liquids and gases in ways that will blow your socks off.

In our live science show, be amazed by disappearing solids, a real-life magic potion and exploding gases. After pupils will be able to access a guided tour of our ‘We Made It’ gallery to demonstrate the many different states of matter. Then enter the Thinktank science lab where they will work scientifically, accurately measuring ingredients to explore how substances can change from one state to another and back again. 

(Available Monday - Friday).

For a half-day your pupils will receive the science show and gallery tour.

Discovery Day cost, duration and capacity: 

  • Full-day - Cost: £375. Duration: 4 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.
  • Half-day - Cost: £240. Duration: 2 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.

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