Space Discovery Day


  • Capacity: 30 pupils
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3,2,1…Blast off! Your space mission has started.

In this accelerated learning day pupils will learn about the stars and constellations visible that night, find out how the Sun, Moon and Earth move in space and fly between the planets, in our 4K Planetarium. Pupils will also take part in their own ExoMars mission in the Thinktank science lab, testing samples of Martian soil to decide what kind of organisms might survive on the red planet. We will also find time to guide you around our Futures gallery. 

(Available Monday - Friday).

For a half-day your pupils will receive either the planetarium show or ExoMar workshop in our science lab.

Discovery Day cost, duration and capacity:

  • Full-day - Cost: £375. Duration: 4 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.
  • Half-day - Cost: £240. Duration: 2 hours. Capacity: 30 pupils.

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