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Experience the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt in your classroom! Handle genuine funerary artefacts, take part in exciting live sessions and explore how Egyptians lived (and died!) thousands of years ago.

Book a live stream gallery tour, show or object handling session or all three! For more detail, please see below:

Gallery Tour

An interactive guided tour of the Egyptian Gallery at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, travelling through a day in the life (and death!) of an Ancient Egyptian. Highlights include the genuine mummified bodies in the collection, beautiful glass jewellery and the largest mummified crocodile in the world. This creative journey through time involves activity sheets and lots of audience participation! Duration: 45 minutes.

Suitable for multiple classrooms to participate simultaneously. 

Mummification Show

Take part in a live embalming session and train in the ancient art of mummification. Note: the felt body and organs are cartoonish and the session is a fun, light-hearted exploration of Ancient Egyptian burial. However, teachers beware: you may lose your hearts and souls to the fierce crocodile-hippo goddess Ammit! Activity sheets throughout the session encourage creative and thoughtful discussion of ancient civilisations. Duration: 45 minutes.

Suitable for multiple classrooms to participate simultaneously. 

Object Handling Session

Get to grips with an Ancient Egyptian death mask, protective amulets and faience shabti dolls (and more) in your classroom! In this session participants work as curators to investigate the materials, manufacture and myth associated with genuine artefacts, guided by a presenter. The session is structured around activity sheets and interactive roleplay, discussing Egyptian gods, burial practices, and ancient beliefs. Duration: 45 minutes.

Multiple groups cannot participate simultaneously in this live stream, as the loan box can only be used by one classroom at a time.


  • One live stream Gallery Tour or Mummification Show. £180 (+VAT).
  • One live stream session and one online Object Handling Session for a class of 30 students. Includes object handling box which will be delivered to your school (within a 25 miles radius from B3 3DH). £260 (+VAT).
  • An additional live stream session. £100 (+VAT).
(Available Monday - Friday).

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