Urban Nature: Aquatic Life

Sarehole Mill

  • Capacity: 30
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Cost (per pupil): £9.50
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Explore the biodiversity of the pond, stream and River Cole at Sarehole Mill looking for different species to learn about water quality. This session is offered as a full day trip.

Students will take part in collecting samples from each aquatic environment and examine their finds. Together we will then come up with ideas to improve urban water courses.

We will also explore the impact of trees in the urban environment using the Woodland Realm next to the Mill Pond. Students will learn about their importance as a habitat through exploration of the animals that live in and around them.

This workshop supports numerous elements of the Science curriculum in particular supporting students understanding of ‘Working Scientifically’.

Natural History Museum Nature Trail © Slinkachu (2020)

Image credit: © Slinkachu (2020).

Booking Information

At Sarehole Mill we can only take one class at a time on site.

This session is available Wednesdays - Fridays in September and from March - July.

Each year until 2024 we have a select number of Urban Nature workshops available for free through the Explore: Urban Nature Project. Please contact our bookings team to find out more.

These workshops have been produced in conjunction with the Natural History Museum and in partnership with Garfield Weston Foundation. 

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