Prehistoric Birmingham

Sarehole Mill

  • Capacity: 30 pupils
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost (per pupil): £5.00
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Explore Birmingham in Prehistoric times in this hands-on outdoor workshop.

There are 2 options to choose from or join the two sessions for a full day (£10 per pupil for the full day).

School visits to Sarehole Mill are available Wednesday - Friday.

Stone Age to Bronze Age

Explore life in the Stone Age and the Bronze Age investigating tools and materials in each period. Handle genuine prehistoric artefacts, build shelters and explore a real Bronze Age historic site in our local woodland. At the site children will discover the importance of these sites and what they can tell us about life long ago as well as using the site to explore the changes from one age to the next. This workshop is an outdoor session so wrap up warm!

Stone Age Art

Explore Prehistoric Art, discovering how Stone Age people created these paintings and why before making your very own. Children will make their paintbrushes using natural materials before creating art work in various forms and with a variety of materials including charcoal and chalks, using their paintbrushes, fingers and even spray paints!

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