A Cinderella Story

Aston Hall

  • Capacity: 30 pupils
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost (per pupil): £6.50
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Experience this enchanting fairy-tale in the magnificent setting of Aston Hall. Pupils will dress up as characters, from the wicked stepmother to the handsome prince, as we explore the house, telling the story together as we go.

Aston Hall acts as Cinderella’s house where pupils will learn about a home from the past. In the historic kitchen pupils will help Cinderella complete her chores, including using a dolly tub, washboard, carpet beater and broomstick. The whole class will then go on a journey to the magnificent Long Gallery to take part in Prince Charming’s ball, complete with music and dancing!

The perfect way for young children to experience a Historic House, perhaps for the first time, through this well loved tale.

(School visits to Aston Hall are available Wednesday - Friday.)

Bring two classes from your school and spend a full day on site with self-led activities to use outside of your taught session.

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