Visiting Soho House

To make the most of your visit, we have provided comprehensive information for teachers bringing pupils to Soho House. See below for information about our sessions and prices, as well as useful pre-visit and on the day information.

About Soho House

Come and explore the 18th Century home of entrepreneur Matthew Boulton. See the famous Lunar room where the greatest thinkers and engineers of the time met to talk under the light of the full moon. Find out what life was like for one Birmingham’s richest men, by exploring his house seeing his kitchen, bedrooms and garden.

You can also take part in one of our education sessions where your pupils can learn about the life and times of Matthew Boulton and discover more about Mary Seacole, who cared for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War.

Pre-Visit Information


Soho House
Soho Avenue (off Soho Road)
B18 5LB

How to contact us

All visits require advanced booking - this includes self-guided visits, teacher previews and taught sessions.

For enquiries or to make a booking contact the Education Bookings Team on 0121 348 8001 or email

Risk Assessments

Download the schools risk assessment (PDF) for Soho House.

Teacher Previews

We are unable to offer teacher previews at this time. If you are a first time visitor to Soho House please contact our bookings team bookings team for any information you require. The Soho House access page contains practical information that may be useful in planning your visit.

Facilitated Sessions

Our facilitated sessions take place within the historic environment of Soho House and are interactive and hands-on. They have been developed by an experienced museum Learning Officer and are linked to the National Curriculum. Sessions include active learning opportunities and are designed to appeal to all learning abilities and styles.

To see what sessions we have on offer check out the On-Site Sessions at Soho House.

Self-Guided Visits

Self-guided visits are not available at Soho House.

Home Educators

All of our taught sessions are available for home education groups. We can adapt the content of the taught sessions to fit with mixed age groups, abilities and needs. A minimum charge may apply.

Disabled Access

Both the visitor centre and the house are fully accessible by wheelchair. There is lift access in visitor centre and historic house and ramps are available for wheelchair access to the house.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are available to pre-order and can either be paid for on the day or via invoice to your school. We have a range of goodie bags to order (subject to availability):

  • £1.00 - pencil and eraser
  • £2.50 - pencil, eraser and compass

Goodie bags contain items in a random selection of colours.

To pre-order your bags please download the goody bag order form (Word format) and send this to 

Sensory Bag

School Trips can be overwhelming. Our sensory bags are a great resource to support the experience of neurodivergent students with sensory needs. The bags contains a range of resources such as fidget toys, a magnifying glass, ear defenders and interactive picture books to help keep pupils engaged and calm during their visit. Please ask your Learning and Engagement Officer at the beginning of your trip if you would like a sensory bag for one of your pupils.

Sensory rucksack showing interactive picture book, ear defenders, magnifying glass and fidget toys Sensory bag contents including fidget toys.

Pupil / Teacher Ratio

For all groups a minimum of 1 adult to every 8 pupils is required. A failure to meet these ratios may result in your session being cancelled upon arrival at the museum.

On the Day Information


School groups should arrive 15 minutes before the start of their first taught session. This will allow for pupils to disembark from the coach, drop off lunch bags and visit the toilets before going into the main house.

Late arrival may result in your taught sessions being shortened. Sessions cannot be carried over due to other groups and activities around the house.

Coach Drop Off and Parking

Drop off for pupils is outside the entrance gates of the museum. For cars there is a small car park at Soho House but this is unsuitable for coaches.

Schools Entrance

Please use general main entrance. Please note Soho House is currently closed to the general public but a Learning Officer will be waiting to meet you on arrival.


There is one classroom, the Goodison Room, which seats 30 pupils.

Lunch Area

The cafe, which seats 60 pupils, may be available to use. This must be booked prior to your visit. Unless specially arranged, we only have one class on site at a time.


 Toilets are available as well as an accessible toilet. We ask that all children use the toilets before the taught session to avoid disruption.

Museum Shop

The shop is open all year round. Pupils are welcome to visit the shop as part of their day. We ask that a maximum of 6 pupils visit the shop at one time.

Pupil Behaviour

  • It is the responsibility of the class teachers and accompanying adults to control the behaviour of pupils
  • All taught sessions take place, at least in part, in the main part of Soho House, which has many historic artefacts on display. Artefacts must not be touched unless permission is granted by museum staff
  • Pupils are expected to show respect, listen to the museum staff and follow instructions
  • Adults must stay with the pupils at all times
  • Pupils should not be led away from the Learning Officer unless instructed to do so and no one is to exit the building unless escorted by a member of museum staff


Photography is permitted.