Visiting Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

This page contains comprehensive information for teachers bringing pupils on a visit to the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, it includes pre-visit and on the day information.

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter offers an extensive programme of taught sessions and self-guided activities for school groups aged 4 – 18 and welcomes SEN groups and home education groups.

Pupils will visit a unique factory, frozen in time on its last day of work. Experience the sights and sounds of factory life and discover how people lived and worked a long time ago. Many taught sessions are themed around National Curriculum topics, and local history is at the forefront of our programme. Set within the heart of a close-knit industrial community, we offer the perfect place to give your topics a local perspective: Use local figures such as Kathleen Dayus to study what life was like long ago, investigate inventions made in Birmingham before creating your own, learn about materials and create your own jewellery. Pupils will develop key skills and gain valuable knowledge for subjects such as history, art, literacy and design and technology.

Pre-Visit Information


Museum of the Jewellery Quarter
75-80 Vyse Street
B18 6HA

Contact / Book a Visit

All visits require advanced booking - this includes self-guided visits, teacher previews and taught sessions.

For enquiries or to make a booking contact the Education Bookings Team on 0121 348 8001 or email

Risk Assessments 

Download the schools risk assessment (PDF) for the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

Teacher Previews

If you are a first time visitor to the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter it is recommended that a member of your teaching staff attends a pre-visit. Proof of teacher status must be shown at the ticket desk on entry (e.g. General Teaching Council membership, union membership card or signed headed school paper). Please contact the bookings team to arrange this.

Facilitated Sessions

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a small museum, capable of only accommodating one school group at a time.

All workshops include hands-on, multi-sensory activities as well as exploration of the historic Smith & Pepper jewellery factory giving pupils a truly immersive experience. The taught sessions have been designed by a specially trained Learning Officer with expertise in museum education.

Taught sessions are active, hands-on and multi-sensory; appealing to all learning abilities and learning styles. Sessions include object handling, dressing up in costume, role-play and for all art sessions a practical art activity is included.

Taught sessions can sometimes be adapted to fit with a particular classroom topic.
Please get in touch to find out if this is possible for your group.

Due to the size of the museum and to ensure all pupils get the best experience possible, all workshops include self-led elements. All resources for the workshop are provided for by the museum. Teacher Notes will be sent out to you when you book so you can come prepared for your visit.

Self-Guided Visits

Self-guided visits are not available at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. However, we can provide a simple tour of the factory instead of a workshop if you wish to do this.

Home Educators

All of our taught sessions are available for home education groups. We can adapt the content of the taught sessions to fit with mixed age groups, abilities and needs. A minimum charge may apply.

Disabled Access

The wheelchair access to the museum is at the back of the museum on Branston Street. There is a lift in the building making the entire museum accessible to wheelchair users.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are available to pre-order and can either be paid for on the day or via invoice to your school. We have a range of goodie bags to order:

  • £1 - pencil, rubber and postcard
  • £2 - pencil, rubber, ruler and postcard
  • £3 - pencil, rubber, ruler and compass keyring

Goodie bags contain items in a random selection of colours (see bottom of page for image) and are subject to availability. To pre-order your bags please contact the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter on 0121 348 8140.

Pupil / Teacher Ratio

  • For Foundation and Key Stage 1 groups a minimum of 1 adult to every 6 children is required.
  • For Key Stage 2 and over a minimum of 1 adult for every 10 children is required. 

A failure to meet these ratios may result in your session being cancelled upon arrival at the museum.

On the Day Information


School groups should arrive 15 minutes before the start of their first taught session. This will allow for pupils to disembark from the coach, drop off lunch bags and visit the toilets before going into the factory.

Late arrival may result in your taught sessions being shortened. Sessions cannot be carried over due to other groups and activities around the house.

Coach Drop Off and Parking

There is coach parking on the road to the right of the museum on Branston Street. Coaches may park here for 2 hours and the driver must remain with his vehicle.

Schools Entrance

School enter the main entrance to the museum on Vyse Street. Please note we are closed to the public on Mondays but still deliver school sessions so the front door may be closed. A Learning Officer will be waiting to meet you on arrival.


There is one classroom which is used for workshops and as a lunch space. An event space is also used for self-led activities, as an additional classroom or lunch space to accommodate two classes on site at the same time.

Lunch Area

We are a small heritage site and have no designated areas for lunch. We have an classroom where we deliver our workshops and this is also used for lunches.


Teachers and pupils may leave their belongings in the classroom (if this has been pre-booked for use by your group) which is a secure space, but it is recommended to keep high value items on you at all times.


Toilets are available as well as an accessible toilet. We ask that all children use the toilets before the taught session to avoid disruption.

Museum Shop

The shop is open all year round. Pupils are welcome to visit the shop as part of their day. We ask that a maximum of 6 pupils visit the shop at one time.

Pupil Behaviour

  • It is the responsibility of the class teachers and accompanying adults to control the behaviour of pupils
  • Taught sessions take place within the factory where machinery is often in operation. Artefacts in the factory should not be touched unless permission is granted by museum staff
  • Pupils are expected to show respect, listen to museum staff and follow instructions
  • Adults must stay with the pupils at all times
  • Pupils should not be led away from the Learning Officer unless instructed to do so and no one is to exit the building unless escorted by a member of museum staff


Photography is permitted.