About Live Streaming

Our live stream sessions bring our museum, collections and presenters directly to you. 

Whether it is exploring our historic properties or gathering round for a fantastic science show. Great learning can still take place even while maintaining social distancing.

We have designed a series of science-based live stream theatre shows from Thinktank that can be transmitted directly from our site to provide real-time interactions. These live streaming sessions last for 45 minutes and cost £180 +VAT.

We also have a series of online tours at our historic properties. These last for 45 minutes and cost £60 +VAT.

Multiple sessions are available and there is no maximum capacity per virtual session so it can support individual and collective groups easily whist the world returns to normal.

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To Make a Booking

For more information or to book a virtual session please contact the bookings team on 0121 348 8001 or email or make an online enquiry.