Georgian home of the Birmingham industrialist, Matthew Boulton.

Admire the elegant home of industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton, who lived in Soho House from 1766 to 1809. He moved to Soho House so he could be near his business. Originally a small farmhouse, over the next 50 years he had many alterations and improvements done to make it an elegant and fashionable country home. Matthew Boulton was very keen on new inventions. Soho House is probably the first house in England to have a central heating system installed since Roman times. In addition he had a vast steam heated bath installed and indoor flushing toilets. Within the House there are displays of silver, coins and ormolu produced in the Soho Manufactory, which was one of the world’s first factories.

Soho House was a regular venue for the meeting for the leading eighteenth century intellectuals of the Lunar Society. Here, Matthew Boulton met with some of the most important scientists, engineers and thinkers of his time. The Lunar Society was a group of free thinking scientists and industrialists including Joseph Priestley, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, James Watt, and William Withering.

Enjoy the beautiful 18th Century gardens. The garden Soho House was originally over one hundred acres, there is little of this left now. The laid out garden at Soho House has been landscaped as a suburban garden with evidence for planting based on what was found in the Boulton archive. The Hermitage is a reconstruction of the place where Boulton would retreat for quiet contemplation.

Also featuring

Lunar Globe

The stunning globe of the Lunar surface designed by John Russell only using a telescope.

The Soho Sphinxes

A pair of stone sphinxes which were once a feature of the grounds of Soho House can be seen in the Tea Room at Soho House.

Anne Boulton’s Writing Desk

An original writing table commissioned by Matthew Boulton for his daughter Anne (1768-1829) can be seen on display in Anne Boulton’s sitting room.

Soho House hosts a full programme of family activities and events all year round, including special winter and Christmas tours.

An incredible museum hidden away in Handsworth that was once home to the inspiring Matthew Boulton. A must to visit!
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