Join us for a live online talk on the story of Matthew Boulton and his links to Soho House, for Birmingham Heritage Week.

Soho House is a 18th century mansion and was the home of the great industrialist Matthew Boulton for over 40 years, it was the epicentre for many changes brought about through the Industrial Revolution. Soho House was also the meeting place for the Lunar Society, where radical scientific and technological debates were the centre of discussion. We will look at Boulton and his family, his manufactory and the history of the wonderful mansion. We’ll also look at the members of the lunar society, a group of free thinking scientists and industrialists including Joseph Priestley, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, James Watt, and William Withering. 

This fascinating and engaging talk is delivered by one of our expert tour guides. It is held over Zoom, and will last for about one hour and 20 minutes. Zoom is easy to use and we will send out invites in advance, and operate a ‘waiting room’ system as a security feature.

Pre-booking essential. Book tickets online.

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