As a special one-off our Café Scientifique programme of informal science talks comes to Soho House. 

Hear a short talk from local researcher Dr Andrew Morris from the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham, entitled “Alchemy in the Information Age: The Batteries of the Future”. Mathew Boulton and James Watt were concerned with powering the 19th century, for our talk we explore cutting edge research into ways researchers are using computers to revolutionise how gain power from batteries.

Soho House was once the home of the Lunar Society and the site of many scientific discussions and debates. It seems fitting to bring our branch of Café Scientifique here for this unique event! 

Café Scientifique is a programme of informal science talks with time for Q & A and built in debate. With no prior knowledge needed, the events are a chance to socialise, relax and enjoy learning about contemporary research.

Small bar offer will be available serving drinks only. 

Following the talk, you will get the chance to walk in the footsteps of the 18th century’s great scientists and natural philosophers who walked around the halls of Soho House.