We Made It

We Made It features more than 20 interactive exhibits that show just how and why Birmingham became known as ‘the workshop of the world’.

Visitors are taken on a journey from raw materials to finished product, demonstrating how everyday goods are produced.  The journey is illustrated by around 1200 intriguing objects from Birmingham’s world-renowned manufacturing and natural science collections, and contemporary products made or designed in Birmingham. 

Find out what links a car and a cow, what makes treasure like jewellery valuable, why we use certain types of packaging, and how products are held together.

The gallery contains four distinct areas, each focussing on an area of manufacturing for which Birmingham is renowned: 

Nuts and Bolts 

Learn about Birmingham’s role in making iron and steel goods for the world.


Precious possessions made from precious metals and gemstones. 

Tins and Things

Discover why the West Midlands is the home of aluminium production and decorative glass. 


Come and uncover inventions that have changed everyday life, from cameras to mobile phones; and find out why wood and plastic have been used to produce these items.

The gallery is located on Level 1.