Live Streaming Conference Service

At Thinktank we are always looking to the future for ways to improve your conference experience and are excited to offer our Live Steaming Conference Service. This great service will enable you to maximise the reach of your content regardless of venue capacity, ensuring that your delegates don’t miss out however far away they are. This service also provides you with the opportunity to reach new audiences with your message at the same time as helping your carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel.

Our experienced team will work with you throughout the planning stages to create a professional delivery on the day. Presentation slides are incorporated into the steam alongside the speakers enabling the best possible experience for all delegates, and a recording is available for your own use following the event.

The service includes: 

  • Large conference spaces set appropriately to accommodate numbers in accordance with social distancing guidelines
  • Full professional technical support throughout the day
  • Two cameras offering full coverage of the event – one wide angle and one focusing on the presenters
  • Presentation slides incorporated into the live stream
  • High quality audio capture and mixing
  • A recording of the live stream available for clients after the event

Contact our team for a quotation, email  or call 0121 348 8082.