We kick off the Cafe Scientifique 2019 by delving into the archaeology of Park Street graveyard, a cemetery in the heart of Birmingham. We will be joined by Andy and Claire from MOLA Headland Infrastructure.

The archaeological excavation at Park Street for the HS2 rail line is the largest investigation of a Victorian graveyard undertaken outside of London. It is presenting archaeologists with an unprecedented opportunity to study the population of Birmingham during the Victorian period. 

The team of archaeologists and osteologists are employing scientific techniques from geophysical survey to isotopic testing to learn more about life and death in Birmingham as it changed from a market town to an industrial city. Andy and Claire will be discussing the latest findings from the site.

Café Scientifique takes place at Purecraft Bar. Located downstairs, the room has seating for 50 and capacity for up to 70 people. Food and drink can be ordered from the dedicated bar. The room can only be accessed from the main bar stairs.  

Café Scientifique is a programme of informal science talks with time for Q & A and debate built in. With no prior knowledge needed, the events are a chance to socialise, relax and enjoy learning about contemporary research.