Join us for a look at the fascinating role of the microbiome in eye health and how it may impact on eye disease. We will be joined by Dr Liying Low a leading research at Birmingham University who studies the link between the gut and a serious eye condition for which the cause is presently unknown.

Billions of microbes that live in or on our bodies, known as the microbiome, are essential to our health and wellbeing. The largest community live in our gut. A gut healthy microbiome is a ‘diverse’ microbiome, containing a wide variety of different species and is important in maintaining a healthy immune system.

The eye is a unique, immune-privileged part of the human body and is usually protected from damage. These protective barriers, however, breakdown in inflammatory diseases. Recently, scientists have shown that in animal experiments, gut microbes can trigger inflammation in the eye, and treatment with antibiotics to eliminate the gut microbes reduces eye inflammation.

This will be a fascinating talk on a key area of research being funded by Fight for Sight , the eye research charity. 

Café Scientifique takes place at Purecraft Bar. Located downstairs, the room has seating for 50 and capacity for up to 70 people. Food and drink can be ordered from the dedicated bar. The room can only be accessed from the main bar stairs. 

Café Scientifique is a programme of informal science talks with time for Q & A and debate built in. With no prior knowledge needed, the events are a chance to socialise, relax and enjoy learning about contemporary research.