This ambitious audio installation by Shrinking Space brings art and science together and offers the audience an opportunity to explore and understand the solar system via the voices of those most familiar with it.

Take a trip on foot through the solar system guided by astrophysicists and engineers working on ‘live’ missions in space. Leave the Earth and Moon behind, wander in close to the Sun, swing out past Mars, and stride into the outer reaches of the solar system via Rosetta's comet landing. Explore Saturn’s densely populated system with Cassini meandering from Titan to Enceladus to the rings of Saturn herself, and continue all the way out to Voyager 1 now in Interstellar space...

The team from Shrinking Space will be available each day at the ‘Meet the Experts’ zone to answer all your space related questions.

Mind’s Eye has been made possible through support from: Arts Council England, Brighton Digital Festival, European Space Agency, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.

These event is free to Thinktank ticket holders.

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