Equinox 360 Pink Floyd experience

EQUINOX, a 360 degrees full dome Pink Floyd experience. Performed by Andy Holt, the creator of Equinox.

This is Pink Floyd tribute like no other.

Performed live, entirely by one man, one instrument & projected in 360 degrees which immerses you into the sights & sounds of one of the biggest selling & acclaimed acts on the planet.

Find yourself transported to the ruins of Pompeii, surrounded by the chimneys of Battersea Station, spin with the darkside prism, be surrounded by “The Wall” & the oppressive hammers, Sit In the shadows of the division bell heads and have a momentary lapse of reason on a flying bed !
Equinox will take you on an emotional & inspiring journey into the heart and themes of iconic albums & songs.This unparalleled performance will take you to the Darkside of the dome and I’m sure, leave you Comfortably Numb !

Entry via level 3 Event Suite (level 3 Millennium Point). Doors open 6.30pm. Owing to layout of the building, and to reduce disruption to the event, the doors will be closed at 6.50pm and no late entry will be permitted.

Suitable for ages 16+

Pre-booking is essential. Book tickets online or phone 0121 348 8263 (lines open Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm). Please select the correct date when booking online.