There is usually a variety of planetarium shows throughout the day. Please note that the Planetarium is closed on Tuesday 21st January.

Planetarium shows are £2.50 per person in addition to the Thinktank admission price. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket desk on arrival.

Shows being shown this season are listed below.  Check on the day for exact shows and timings.

Tonight’s Sky

Discover wonderful things visible to the naked eye in the sky above your home tonight. Learn to tell the difference between stars and planets; marvel at fascinating facts about our place in the Cosmos and much more.
Presenter-led show, Show duration 25 minutes.

Destination Space: ISS

Take a tour of the International Space Station, narrated by Tim Peake.
Automated Show, show duration 10min.

Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night

Join Vladimir the polar bear and James the travelling penguin at the North Pole, as they try to understand why their respective homes have such long winters. Using Vladimir's excellent do-it-yourself skills and James' scientific knowledge they take a journey into space to observe the Earth, Mars and Saturn. Their journey is not all plain sailing and we share some of their adventures on Polaris the space submarine. Look out for numerous movie and sci-fi references!
Automated show, show duration 29min.

The Winter Sky (from 22 December) New this Season

See the night sky as it should with out light pollution, take a tour of the famous winter constellations of Orion, and Taurus; and learn how to find the North Star.
Automated Show, show duration 10/20min*
*20min version includes Solar System Adventure.

Solar System Adventure

Explore the many wonders within the Solar System, from the inner planets, to the majestic Jupiter and Saturn. Join this adventure to fly through the rings of Saturn, and over the vast canyons of the planet Mars.
Automated Show, show duration 11min.