Warwick Research with Kids Group is coming to Thinktank and is looking for 6-10 year old child participants.

Come and play with BLU and YELLA!!

The Research Group is interested the developmental origins of prosocial and selfish motives and their influence on children’s decision making.

What is involved?

Upon arrival, we would like you to sign a consent form for your child to participate and we will answer any questions you may have. Children are introduced to a fun decision game where they collect stickers and decide how much stickers they and their video partner get. 

Our studies are child-friendly and children have a lot of fun playing our games. However, they are free to stop at any time. The study typically lasts between 30-40 minutes and children will keep the stickers they collect during the activity.

We will kindly ask you to leave the room during the activity because we want children to make their decisions with as little influence as possible. At the end of the game your child will receive a certificate for participation and the stickers they collect during the activity.

The children who participate will receive FREE entrance to the museum on the day, accompanying adults and children will be required to pay the usual on-the-door price as shown, or book Thinktank admission tickets online in advance to save.

Pre-booking is essential, please book a place on study via the Doodle website .

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