Come and join us for a wide range of fun family activities which allow you to probe into your body. Find out about what’s inside you: What are bodies made from? How do bodies work? What happens when things go wrong?

Zooming in! - Workshop

Get your lab coat on and take a closer look at what you’re made of in our fun, family-friendly workshop exploring your body.

My Busy Body - Under 8’s Workshop

Find out what’s happening in your busy body through fun hands-on games and activities. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes there is a lot going on!

On Gallery Busking

Get involved exploring your own body! What do you already know about your body? Find out more with our interactive activities.

Object Handling

Get hands on! People have always been interested in coming up with innovative solutions when things go wrong with our bodies. Talk with our enablers and have a closer look at some of the equipment used.

Arts Activities 

Be creative with one of our body themed crafts. Get your thinking hats on as you make a brain you can wear as a hat! Or, make a hand with dexterous fingers!

Family Packs

You can also borrow one of our family backpacks specially designed for 3 to 7 year olds and their parents or carers. Each pack has a variety of activities linked to one of our galleries. 

This programme is subject to change.

Activities take place every weekend and during Birmingham school holidays.