A chance to see Thinkank's Future gallery after hours. Join us for a drink, a chance to view artworks and a tour of the night sky in the Planetarium.

See the epic Museum of the Moon by UK artist Luke Jerram. The art installation uses detailed imagery from NASA of the lunar surface to create a scale replica of the moon. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound musical composition.

Don't miss your chance to see this artwork as it creates an ethereal sight – you can walk and sit by side of the moon and bath in its own moonlight.

Also, get another chance to see Totality , created by contemporary artist Katie Paterson. It comprises 10,000 images of solar eclipses, illuminated and sparkling from a rotating mirror ball. Totality creates an immersive environment, shrouding the walls, floor and viewer in tiny illuminated solar eclipses.The artwork is on display as part of the Arts Council Collection National Partnership Programme. 

As part of your visit you can view some of the oldest drawings of the Moon; alongside mechanical orreries, used to demonstrate the movements of the planets and more contemporary artwork depicting solar flares in Looking Up, Looking Down , an exhibition complementing Totality. 

You will also get a tour of the night sky in the Planetarium highlighting the key things to be looking for over the next few weeks.

A free glass of wine or a soft drink on arrival as part of your ticket price.

To pre-book, call 0121 348 8263 or book online . Tickets are also available on the door.