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Find out about Birmingham Museums Trust and our vision to reflect Birmingham to the world, and the world to Birmingham. We are a registered charity and our core purpose is to showcase our outstanding collections and venues to inspire learning, creativity and enjoyment for the people of Birmingham and visitors to the region.
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10 years of treasure – 10th Anniversary of Staffordshire Hoard discovery celebrated

It’s the treasure that unearthed the dramatic history of 7th Century England and the world of its warrior elite. Ten years ago on 5 July 2009, the Staffordshire Hoard was discovered in a farmer’s f...

Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler launch blockbuster Black Sabbath exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Visual spectacle featuring over 1,000 items celebrating the iconic band and their fans The show forms part of a season of exhibitions, which celebrate Birmingham and the Black Country as the birth...
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